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Electronic Arts: Battlefield 3

Aside from Windows XP users, and those refusing to upgrade, Battlefield 3 is quite impressive in all its glory. A lot of fundamental aspects of the game has been given great detail by its developers, right down to the cans lying around on the ground as you’re rushing through alleys to save your own skin!

Game Beefing

A lot has changed since Battlefield days, and one unique characteristic in Battlefield 3 is weapon customization by unlocking accessories within the game. Each weapon has a total of three accessory slots, and the more you use that weapon the faster you will unlock those accessories.

By unlocking weapon accessories players can create their own play style to suit their needs. With over 50 weapons, players can indulge into thousands of weapon customization options within the game once they have achieved all weapon unlocks.

Battlefield 3 - Rewards/RanksPlayers will also have plenty of work ahead. EA has taken great strides in keeping players busy (in a fun manner) in working towards ten times the amount of unlocks, compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and claims players “will have as much fun with the game in 2013 as on launch day.”.

The reward system was built to be a richly involved system that rewards its players with medals, ribbons and service stars for their commending efforts. The more bases captured, the more you are rewarded for such tasks. While getting your first Service Star might be a major achievement, there are still plenty of rewards to work towards throughout the game. Service Stars are applied to your weapon skill badge, vehicle, kit and your overall rank. This is where players can truly sit back and have a bragging rights face-off.

Game Modes

Battlefield 3 incorporates three types of game play (theoretically two) for players.

  • Campaign
  • Co-Op
  • Multiplayer

Battlefield 3 - CIAThe Campaign mode is where the player gets immersed into the story-line played out by SSgt Blackburn. Blackburn is interrogated by the CIA after being accused of being a traitor. As the story unfolds, so do annoyances. While I found the story-line interesting from start to end, the game play at this stage becomes another story in itself.

As the Campaign goes in and out of videos with SSgt Blackburn being interrogated by the CIA you get a sense of what you’re about to embark on. After each video the player is handed over the controller. From this point you retrace the story scenario you had with the CIA in trying to explain what happened. Remember–you’re a traitor in their minds and you’re trying to prove other-wise.

After each video of interrogation this is where the player starts playing, so be prepared to die a few times. At each situation you’re going to have bullets flying past your head and running for your life, but the real problem found was trying to stay safe at certain points. Each time you think you’ve found a good spot to hide behind, whether behind a car or road barrier, friendly NPCs are ready to walk up from behind and push your character out into enemy fire.

Battlefield 3 - NPCsWhen orders are given you need to move quickly, so trying to not be prominent–you need to find locations quickly. That, of course, is in hopes your ally buddy isn’t about to push you out into those barrage of bullets. In other situations friendly NPCs would gobble up all of the safe spots leaving you without a safe location to fire from without accidently shooting your friendly–something that is frowned upon quickly within the game. NPCs will be famous for walking right out in front of you through the Campaign mode quite often. And if it’s enough to kill them, mission failed.




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