ZOTAC ZBOX M and P Series Mini-PC's

ZOTAC International, a Hong Kong based and a global manufacturer of innovation, today announced two groundbreaking releases from the acclaimed ZBOX M series...

Ubisoft: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Sad state

If Ubisoft walked away with 10% of this video….they would become a better developer in their stories, content and overall game design. But Ubisoft is simply...

Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan

Purchased Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan for the i7 5930K. Now running at 4.5Ghz with memory at 3K. Running on a Corsair Hydro Series H110i GT ! ...

Guild Wars 2 - Bringing Antialiasing to the game

It's no surprise seeing another game slam onto the market lacking AA (Anti-Aliasing) features and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. MMORPG games tend to get...

Lowering game latency with WTFast tunneling

Taking a dive into WTFast  latency tunneling service -- is like your internet on steroids. Internet latency is a gamers worst nightmare. Any network...

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

The G13 Advanced Gameboard is Logitech’s answer to gamers needs. It’s a fantastic light-weight, portable alternative for gamers who don’t want...

Rosewill Thor V2 Computer Case

Rosewill , the company behind quality hardware and affordable cases, debuted the redesigned Thor-V2 case earlier this year and has since become one of the...

Electronic Arts: Battlefield 3

As one of the most anticipated games released by EA (Electronic Arts), Battlefield 3 sets itself apart from its rivals with a great story-line and game play....

World’s third largest botnet shut down by Fireeye

A rather large BotNet that accounted for 18 percent of the world’s spam email has been shut down, security firm Fireeye has claimed.

Dubbed Grum, the botnet was controlled from servers in Panama, Russia and Ukraine. However, following a joint effort by Fireeye,

spam-tracking service Spamhaus and local internet service providers (ISPs), the illegal network was shut down on Wednesday.

“Grum’s takedown resulted from the efforts of many individuals,” Fireeye security researcher Atif Mushtaq said in a blog post.

“This collaboration is sending a strong message to all the spammers: stop sending us spam. We don’t need your cheap Viagra or fake Rolex.”

According to Fireeye, Grum was the world’s third largest botnet spitting out around 18 billion spam messages a day.

Mushtaq highlighted how successfully shutting down the botnet’s servers proves how companies and government agencies can work together to fight cyber crime.

“When the appropriate channels are used, even ISPs within Russia and Ukraine can be pressured to end their cooperation with bot herders. There are no longer any safe havens,” Mushtaq wrote.

“Most of the spam botnets that used to keep their [command and control servers] in the USA and Europe have moved to countries like Panama, Russia, and Ukraine thinking that no one can touch them in these comfort zones. We have proven them wrong.”

Can we say: less email spam maybe ?

via TheInquirer




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