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Windows 7 – Most used operating system on web

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is the most used, like it or not. Windows 7 is the leading operating system according to figures from the web traffic analysis firm “Statcounter“.

In June 2012 more than half of all internet connections made to the web, person computers (PC) were 50.2 percent of the most used OS. Oddly, yet not surprising, Windows XP was the next runner up in the statistics with a 29.9% of users connecting to the web. (expect those Windows XP numbers to change here in the next few years, as Microsoft will be phasing out its support for the XP OS completely)

While Windows 7 is showing great stride on the market, Windows 8 might make the 7 users phase over, at least this is what we can expect from Microsoft. Windows 8, however, is not as appealing to the Windows 7 die-hard fans (raises hand as one of them). The new sleek look of Windows 8 isn’t that appealing, and Windows 7, like Windows XP upon release, is a fantastic operating system by the software giant.

That’s already started happening with XP. Launched back in 2001, the OS was a massive hit for the software giant and for this reason it’s finding it hard to wean users away from Windows XP – especially considering how rubbish Windows Vista was. However, Microsoft has said that it’s time to move on, and it will end business support for Windows XP in the next two years.” The Inquirer said on its website

Some, as you might have guess, do not agree with Statcounter’s report as Netmarketshare reports Windows XP comes in at 40% of the OS market and Windows 7 as 39%. Regardless, Microsoft’s operating systems in fact do dominate the world. However both statistic companies gather its information differently than the other — which will reflect different outcomes. Windows 7, according to Netmarethsare’s figures, does show a strong gain in the market share, moving up from 35% to 39% in April.

Meanwhile, Windows XP users are sitting on a countdown timer, and the day Microsoft stops its support for the OS; the real numbers will be valued more then, than now.

via The Inquirer




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