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Thermalright SLK947U

Space Available?

Because of the size of Thermalright heatsinks, little to no room is available around the socket. Motherboard manufactures don’t often think about providing space around the processor socket, leaving heatsink manufactures with a task that’s typically unplannable. The SLK-9000 version heatsinks changed that in some ways by changing the fin design on the outside of the heatsink. The fins located at the base curve inward, up, and then out to provide more clearance for capacitors and other devices around the socket. This gives the SLK-9000 and SLK-947U more volume and room than previous versions of Thermalright heatsinks.


When testing the SLK 947U heatsink with the TMD fan, we found our results were much better than we were expecting. We tested it on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz overclocked to 3.06GHz with a voltage of 1.675. The results? Astonishment, to say the least. With a room temperature of about 22-24°C, we were able to achieve a core temp of 33°C at idle speed. With load on the system the heatsink kept the processor at around 39°C, but no higher. The TMD fan runs at around 12,000 RPM with a flow of 60-70 CFM, and runs quieter than most other fans at that speed.


We are extremely impressed with the performance of this heatsink, and surprised at its universality. Another great feature is its ability to support many different fan sizes, making it even more versatile. Thermalright has done a great deal of homework on the re-design of the SLK-900, the original version of the SLK-947U heatsink. The only major difference is cross-processor mounting.

It’s great to see a heatsink perform this well, but shouldn’t be much of a surprise, really. Thermalright is known for its manufacturing technique, and the resulting performance heatsinks.

But there is one thing I haven’t figured out yet, and that is the absence of instructions. This heatsink is more difficult to understand, with its universal mounting bracket. There are two different ways to mount the heatsink for Pentium 4 processors. The back motherboard bracket can leave one clueless about how it is used. It is something that’s completely new to the market, and such devices should be provided with proper instructions. Incorrect mounting can result in shorting out on the back side of the motherboard. Thermalright competes superbly in the market of the world’s best heatsinks, but consumers need instructions to make proper use of highly engineered products like this.




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