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Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan

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TERA Online releases “New Launch Features” info

Folks over at TERA have released new information about the games “New Launch Features”, adding more changes to the game for its fans. En Masse has tackled a huge list of “polished” elements to make TERA the most player-friendly and ultimate MMORPG.

TERA’s latest changes want players to fight “argons and clashing with the world’s evil gods, not running endlessly over empty terrain.” Latest changes, at a glance, will be:

  • A Polished Experience
    A great MMORPG is a place where you’ll spend hundreds of hours, and TERA wants to make sure those hours are full of action and achievement, not boredom or frustration. We’ve tackled a long list of “polish” elements to make TERA as player-friendly as possible.
  • Challenge the Nexus
    In remote corners of Northern Shara, something wants to emerge into the world ofTERA. Monsters invade through a hole in reality called a nexus, then terrorize the surrounding area. You can join the battle at a moment’s notice. Larger and scarier monsters pour out of the nexus as time goes on, but if you fight hard enough, you can close the nexus, keep part of the world safe—and earn a share of high-level loot.
  • Extra Power for Every Class
    Combat is king in an action game like TERA, so we’ve added abilities that let you protect yourself with living stone, evade attacks while charging forward, aim your sword for the enemy’s jugular, and heal your party on the move.
  • The Economic Powerhouse
    Some call it good business practices. Others call it “economic PvP”. But everyone agrees that a bustling economy is at the heart of a great MMO experience. We improved the trade broker system with robust search features so you can find that powerful weapon or rare ingredient with a few clicks of the mouse. We also altered the currency so your high-level characters aren’t dealing with billions of gold coins.
  • Earning Reputation
    As you explore the world of TERA, you’ll develop a reputation that stretches across four continents. Some of the most powerful organizations in the world will send you into the action on their behalf—with the promise of stellar rewards if you succeed.
  • New and Better Dungeons
    A good dungeon run is at the heart of the MMO experience. An action-packed game likeTERA should provide exciting battles against clever enemies, but it must do more. Nobody wants to spam the chat channel for hours trying to put a party together, and everyone wants rewards that match the difficulty of the dungeon.

For a full breakdown of the new launch features, head on over to TERA Online’s website here.




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