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Slow (Snail) Internet speed? There is hope with SharedBand technology

SharedBand CompanyHave you ever wanted to get more speed out of your internet but your current provider doesn’t offer enough through your line? Well surprisingly there is hope with a service called SharedBand. For the past decade internet growth has been phenomenal world-wide. Unfortunately that growth doesn’t always spread throughout the veins of our community—it just doesn’t always hit every nook-and-cranny.

Where we live is often by choice; however that is not always the case. Whichever the case may be, both negatives and positives fit in and out of the equation. Small town rural areas are notorious for lacking high-speed internet to its residents. In this article we’re going to show you a possible solution that could end that dreaded low-speed internet frustration.

Having experienced what 20Mb download speed feels like is much like that of eating a cream filled doughnut: soft fresh warm dough on the outside with awesome flavoring inside. Then later I had to experience 1.5Mb speed and that doughnut become a squashed pastry in the middle of the street, filling spewed all over, and impressions of hit and run—no one wants to pick that up and eat it, unless you’re starving. You can imagine how that didn’t settle well with me later . . .

SharedBand was my solution to the 1.5Mb street-doughnut, and its cost was within reason, too. Living in the rural area at the time the fastest internet obtainable was a simple 1.5Mb DSL. When contacting the local internet provider to see if they would bond two DSL lines to gain 3Mb download speed—the cowboys running the coup….flew.

You wunt wut for yer internets?”—It just wasn’t possible at the box I was connected two miles down the road, and they were not about to spend extra money in a rural area to allow me that capability. So, once again, I picked up the sheep phone and contacted the internet provider farm-boys to order second DSL line for the house—in which they responded “yer not gonna get faster speeds with two lines, partner.”, I still insisted on the second line.

So, who is SharedBand and how do they offer more speed? The simple answer: a line bonding provider–or Broadband Virtualization technology for you technical folk out there.

Sharedband-What our technology does
Aggregates the network capacity (upstream / downstream) of multiple Internet connections (DSL, T1, cable, fiber, wireless). Many corporations, small businesses and home workers are outgrowing the capability their existing Broadband connections offer in terms of speed and / or reliability. Often they feel required to upgrade to a T1 or E1 which is expensive and typically does not make practical, financial sense. Sharedband provides an alternative approach whereby multiple low-cost lines are pooled, causing them to function as a single faster and more reliable Internet connection.

SharedBand offers the ability to take multiple internet connections and bond (using aggregation) them offering you more download/upload speeds through your current internet provider. While this is typically done by an internet provider in large cities—it is not always the case for small-town communities across the U.S.

In order to gain from this another line will need to be added from your current provider—or another provider as this is not a worry when bonding the lines through SharedBand. (separate providers are a perfect solution for businesses who require failover abilities) That said, it does not need to match the current speed you already have installed in your house (i.e. main DSL line at 1.5Mb and second internet line at 3Mb can be combined to give you a total of 4.5Mb download). Upload speeds work just the same and will be bonded as well.




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