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ProDigy 7.1 (HD) Sound Card

If you’ve got the speakers, this sound card can handle them. There are plenty of ports waiting to give you an experience you won’t forget. The ports are as follows, Left to Right:

  • 1) Mic In
  • 2) Line In
  • 3, 4, 5, 6) Analog Outputs
  • 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) Stereo Analog Outputs

If using a DVD software player, the assignment works as follows

  • Analog Output 1-2: Front Left, Right
  • Analog Output 3-4: Rear Left, Right
  • Analog Output 5-6: Center, Woofer
  • Analog Output 7-8: Background Surround Left, Right

Connections 7 and 8 are Coaxial Input and Output for transferring ProDigy’s audio data losslessly directly to a DAT or CD recorder that supports digital coax connections.

7.1 channel can also be use with headphones to mimic 7.1 surround sound by cloning 4way from out 1-2 in the config option of ProDigy’s console. Or if you prefer, outputs on port 1-2 can also be used with a high quality headphone amp. Those using WinAmp or Media Player will enjoy either feature, you just have to decide.

Playback on a DVD title on software DVD players allows for easy surround sound environment adjustments in the port and AV receive with a decoder.

The headphone jack offers amplified performance gain for those who would rather go deaf than deal with screaming kids all day. I found this to be an exceptional feature because most sound cards either don’t have the power for headphones, or your more expensive headphones sound crappy through it. When using the headphone jack, simply click on the icon near the volume controls and grab onto your chair, snag that glass of wine sliding off the table, and enjoy the ride.

Latency Feature

There is also another helpful feature on this sound card for those who require higher latency. Higher latency helps with those using Multi-track recording software with multiple tracks. The processing time might be longer, but it is more stable with this feature. Those using fewer tracks might only need lower latency for software synthesizer, mastering software, or Multi track software with fewer tracks.

Sample rates are another fine feature I found in this product. Most people will rip their music from CD’s at 96K sample rates, while those like myself, like ripping them into 192K sample rates using WMA format. There is much controversy over MP3 verses WMA format as to what sounds better, but it simply comes down to what you want out of your music, and playing device. Keep in mind that there are not many MP3 players out there that will play a WMA format file, least none that I am aware of.

CPU Utilization Test

The most common way to benchmark sound cards is by using WinBench Audio. However, this does not show true performance of a sound card. This benchmark tool only shows the stress that is placed onto the device which reflects onto the CPU. Text and fancy bars are quite hard to explain, or hear-ision, to the reader—so take these scores with a grain of salt:


ipKonfig Editors ChoiceLocating a sound card that fits your needs can be quite difficult, and frustrating to no end. But I personally think AudioTrak has done an exceptional job in building this card. I would also like to point out that this card is NOT made for the tweaker, it’s simply not intended for this. Quality and performance is what this sound card is all about, and that’s putting it mildly. There are many sound cards available on the market for the buyer, but the AudioTrak ProDigy 7.1 brings new class to a simple solution.

Features found within its application/drivers are minimal, but I have made mention that this sound card isn’t for everyone. For the music I listen to, which is a very wide range, it suits every need and gives me pure quality without screwing up my EQ settings. I’m very picky about sound quality with my own personal setup here at home, and I have found this card to provide me with everything. It has the power and control I want, and keeps giving.

Now if I could only get this card in a laptop . . .




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