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ProDigy 7.1 (HD) Sound Card

The image below is basically all the adjustments available. Your basic Mic, Line, Aux and CD are there, and you can adjust the Record Gain, which comes in handy.

You can also play with all of outputs separately, which I have found to be an exceptional feature. It gave me full control over each section of my speaker setup. All of this, of course, was straight out of the box. Luckily, I was able to locate and download the latest drivers, which are currently at 1.93–but no added features were found. At this time we’re not sure if there ever will be, in fact. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, this is not a sound card for the regular Joe.

As you can see in our setup, we haven’t done much to the EQ settings but to slightly tweak them to our liking. For the most part these EQ settings are flat, thereby keeping the music and sound in its original format.

Most people set their EQ’s to the typical “Rock-n-Roll Smile”, with the bass and highs up and mid-range down. This is quite common, and shows that either the person is tone deaf, or wants to be.

`Pink Noise’ is used by professions to set speaker output using a microphone in front of a speaker(s) with Pink Noise being pushed out of the speakers. The microphone will pick up the sound, which sounds like static, and then displayed on a graphic EQ setup. The EQ on the sound system is then adjusted to produce a flat level of Graphical EQ display spikes–but not everyone has access to such hardware; only someone into music production and recording will be carrying around a Pink Noise tester.

Those running more than four speakers will find the Sensaura 3D feature quite useful. It allows for greater control over the speaker setup, allowing each to be utilized more or less. I’d have to lean towards saying: this isn’t a feature that is likely to be used by most people simply because it’s somewhat new, especially in a 3D format through an application.

Above shows how a user might want his/her sound to come out of the arrangement of speakers they may have. But again, this isn’t typically used by most. It’s a feature for those more seriously into recording/creating music than the average Joe.




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