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Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan

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Electronic Arts: Battlefield 3

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Nvidia: Citrix Xenserver will support virtual machines on Kepler GPUs

Nvidia has announced that its Grid virtual GPU technology will be supported by Citrix’s Xenserver.

Nvidia’s GPGPU development has been largely aimed at the high performance computing and academic markets, however the firm is promoting it for the enterprise with its Grid GPU virtualisation technology. The firm announced that Citrix’s Xenserver will support virtual machines running directly on the GPU from the next version that is expected to be released in the third quarter.

Nvidia announced its Grid VCA appliance at the GPU Technology Conference in March in order to support its Grid VGX virtual desktop software. Then the firm told journalists that it was working with hypervisor vendors to allow virtual machines to run directly on the GPU rather than on the CPU, and it let slip that it was already doing significant work with the Xen hypervisor.

Nvidia is pitching its Grid VGX as a high performance virtual desktop that supports 3D rendering and offers the graphical capabilities of a standard local desktop. The firm’s Grid VGX software only works on its Kepler series GPU cards.

According to Nvidia a technology preview of Xendesktop that supports Grid vGPU will be released this quarter. The firm said it is working with other hypervisor vendors including Microsoft but that integration with Citrix’s Xenserver was proceeding the fastest.

Nvidia said each Xendesktop user will have a 512MB frame buffer for either a Grid K1 or Grid K2 GPGPU card. The firm said its next generation chips will allow for larger frame buffers, in effect announcing that its next generation GPGPU cards will have more than 4GB or 6GB of GDDR5 memory.

Nvidia already has Cisco, Dell and IBM shipping Grid servers and said HP will announce its Grid VGX servers this summer.

via TheInquirer.




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