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NPD claims Microsoft Windows 8 laptop sales failed to increase

Let’s be real: Windows 8 sucks. Who at Microsoft has a fetish with Tiles? Sales of Windows 8 have shown the majority of consumers want nothing to do with it. They might work great for smartphones and tablets, but I want nothing to do with it on my home PC. If I had a touchscreen monitor here at home I wouldn’t be tossing tiles, that’s for sure.

Analyst group NPD reported the OS-Sales-Fail over the holiday buying season has decreased the amount of laptop sales. (I wonder if the Windows 7 DVD sales went up over the holidays. . .) While Microsoft continues to pump millions into its Windows 8 marketing, consumers continue to shy away from laptops pre-packaged with Windows 8. At some point Microsoft will have to suck-up its pride and do the right thing and shy away from tiles on laptops and PCs.

“NPD’s figures make for grim reading, with the firm reporting an 11 percent decline in laptop sales and not only did unit sales fall but revenues also fell, meaning those who bought laptops bought cheaper units from Black Friday to Christmas. Overall, the firm reports the average selling price of a laptop was just $420 with touchscreen Windows 8 laptops accounting for just 4.5 percent of total Windows 8 sales.” reported the Inquirer.

NPD had few positives to pull out about the effect Windows 8 had on US laptop sales instead saying, “Despite the hype, and hope, around the launch of Windows 8, the new operating system did little to boost holiday sales or improve the year-long Windows notebook sales decline.”

Apple’s Macbook range of laptops also suffered a sales drop of six percent according to NPD, but that drop was met with a 40 percent increase in average selling price, most likely due to machines shipping with high-resolution displays.

NPD’s figures and comments are especially damaging to Microsoft because they question its ability to drive sales through new Windows releases. Microsoft has been able to boss OEMs and system builders in the past through its ability to assure a sales boost with every release of Windows, however if its operating systems and marketing can no longer pull in the punters then OEMs have little reason to obey Microsoft’s every whim.

via The Inquirer




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