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Network Time System Server

Network Time System (Server)Security is another great feature of this software. Because of the importance of having correct time throughout your network, it’s a good idea to lock down client machines, keeping them from being changed by the user.

By providing a range of IP addresses, you have the ability to restrict certain groups of users from manually setting clocks. Or you may choose to allow a certain group of individuals to manual synch their time with the time server. And, finally, you can turn off all restrictions.

Most large scale intranets and WANs block users from changing or synching time on their workstations. Because of contracts, timecards, and other important issues, system administrators will find this section quite useful.

Network Time Server also has a handy Server Statistics screen. This screen shows requests, or pushes, that have been applied throughout the network, either through TCP/IP, UDP, UDP Broadcast, and SMB Time.

When the application is not in use, minimized, it sits in the tool bar at the bottom right for quick & easy access. Clicking on the “Sync” function either synchs just the server or sends out a broadcast synch to the network. And, of course, this is where you would close out the application if not needed.

The Network Time Server software itself does come at a steep price like most multiple license software, but starts off with ten client licenses and one server license. The starting price, at time of review, is $265.00 USD. And, of course, the more you buy the better the price.

Softros.com also makes a commitment to respond to its customer’s questions and support needs. They offer three types of support: Priority Technical Support, Basic Technical Support, and Free Technical Support. Surprisingly, Priority Technical Support runs only $95 a year per business-even during holidays! If they fail to respond to your priority support emails, they will refund 100% of your Priority Technical Support fees. Also, as mentioned on their site, $95 a year for Priority Technical Support is the same whether you have thousands of servers/client machines, or ten.

As for the Basic and Free technical support, Basic support questions/problems will be answered within 48 hours. Free technical support is with no time commitments, but they do answer every question.


ipKonfig Editors ChoiceI did hint about the idea that this software is expensive. For you and I, yes. We’re not in the market for such a setup for home computers. As I have pointed out, this software is for small to large scale enterprise networks where time is of the utmost import. I have also mentioned some of the scenarios where this software is most critical. Let’s face it, the larger the network becomes, the more critical the data becomes. Network Time Server, and the client version, have very minimal impact on both the server and client machines resources–another great feature.

I’ve personally had my share of watching companies run WAN and LAN networks without caution or care. Data backups and databases are some of the most important functions to keep time synched. If I were to run a large scale network, this would be my software of choice. It’s easy to maintain, user friendly, has built-in admin features, and just plain works! It requires practically no skills–or even training, for that matter–which makes it top-choice software in our books for anyone with a small to large scale network.

So I guess it all comes down to: time is of the essence, as some might say…




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