ZOTAC ZBOX M and P Series Mini-PC's

ZOTAC International, a Hong Kong based and a global manufacturer of innovation, today announced two groundbreaking releases from the acclaimed ZBOX M series...

Ubisoft: Ghost Recon Wildlands - Sad state

If Ubisoft walked away with 10% of this video….they would become a better developer in their stories, content and overall game design. But Ubisoft is simply...

Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan

Purchased Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan for the i7 5930K. Now running at 4.5Ghz with memory at 3K. Running on a Corsair Hydro Series H110i GT ! ...

Guild Wars 2 - Bringing Antialiasing to the game

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Lowering game latency with WTFast tunneling

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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

The G13 Advanced Gameboard is Logitech’s answer to gamers needs. It’s a fantastic light-weight, portable alternative for gamers who don’t want...

Rosewill Thor V2 Computer Case

Rosewill , the company behind quality hardware and affordable cases, debuted the redesigned Thor-V2 case earlier this year and has since become one of the...

Electronic Arts: Battlefield 3

As one of the most anticipated games released by EA (Electronic Arts), Battlefield 3 sets itself apart from its rivals with a great story-line and game play....

Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS Review

Minecraft Pocket Edition (settings)Much like the main version, players can adjust the games settings for Fancy Graphics, Lower graphics quality, Sensitivity, Y-Axis, Lefty (left handed players) and multi-player settings.

Controls of the game are quite simple with the on-screen keypad and swiping for camera panning. The center button on the keypad allows jumping, but I found it was rarely needed thanks to Mojang incorporating the auto-jump feature–which is not available on the PC version.

For your tree-punching mongrels out there, like a Prego commercial, “it’s in there.” Destroying blocks is as simple as pressing and holding down on the desired block on screen, and quite fun, too. As mentioned earlier, there is no crafting within the game–much like the free version of Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft where any block equipped can be used to destroy other objects instantly.

In spite of the games imperfections, the Pocket Edition does provide a lot of fun, especially with the Wi-Fi feature, and quite possibly the games key selling point for now. While the game is in Alpha, there is still plenty of room for improvement, something Mojang has shown stride in its PC version over time.

Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft’s popularity has increased exponential in popularity over the past year and expanded upon with added features and items throughout the game. The minds behind the game are always thinking of new and creative ideas to incorporate into the game, and the Pocket Edition will probably receive that same attention in time.

Personally, for now, the Minecraft PC version is best in sticking with unless you’re a die-hard Minecraft fan. If you’re new to the Minecraft world, you might be better off grabbing the desktop version until the Pocket Edition has had time to grow and receive additional updates, and features, from the folks at Mojang.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Minecraft Pocket Edition

Pocket Edition does have a few stability issues when selecting settings, and at times would just minimize completely when selecting “Create new”. Once in your world the game ran pretty solid. Again…this is an Alpha version–bugs like these are just part of the territory.




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