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Hollywood and Game Developers?

However, to ponder the idea that Hollywood would like some type of control over how the actors used in popular games does bring in the whole “Hollywood Panzy Controllers” as a huge factor. While their intent is to protect the actors, the end result could be devastating for the end-gamers. I mean, hey, if you innocently enjoy making Pierce Brosnan fall off of tall buildings and dismember body parts but end up having Hollywood seek action against you for making the actor look bad, well that just takes the fun out of it. Of course this is exaggerating, a little, but think of the possible results from game modders abroad, and that’s where it starts.

Hollywood and Game Developers?Modders may take the Pierce Brosnan character in a game and make him a lot more buff, but with one eye missing and old wounds representing an old knife fight marks on his face and call the mod “Bond: With an Attitude!”. Hollywood might well have some concern in this.

Movies have played an inspirational role in popularizing games, simply because if you didn’t like the movie ending, you can go play out your own ending with some degree of freedom–or play the role of your hero. (Movieoke, anyone?) And the influences have gone the other way; games have inspired movies such as Tomb Raider, featuring the popular Lara Croft with her sexy voice and notable chest size (which was actually a mistype of code in the first game development, and later elected to be left in, for some reason).

But Hollywood seems to have the idea that we’re supposed to bow down to them because they provide us with entertainment (read more news and watch more TV, you’ll see). Hollywood lawyers are heavily involved, of course, and want to ensure that game developers and actors are both closely involved when games are developed, which is good in some ways. If the game designers drift off track from what the movie was about, the player may lose interest quickly, which affects sales.

Although . . .

Hollywood and Game Developers?Of course Hollywood and game designers working together also inspires new technology. As most of us know, Pixar is one of the most impressive CGI movie makers in the history of the industry. Toy Story, Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo, and many more have proven its ability to produce movies with high quality graphics for the big screen. The quality that Pixar produces is phenomenal and beyond the dreams of game designers at times, but that is changing.

Splinter Cell 2 will be out soon, a much anticipated game due to some new features. Such new features are bringing Hollywood type technology into the gaming world, offering more realism. If you watch the trailer (download) you’ll notice that many advances in the characters, and that it now has some Hollywood style. The overall game play itself is mostly the same, but scenes throughout the game bring the feel of play to a new level.

Hollywood and game designers will have a great affect on how games look and feel, that’s a fact. But will it actually do some damage to the game modders in the future? Probably not, but we may find some limitations as to what agreements could be put in place. Such agreements might put a stop to modding games with license agreements between the designers and Hollywood, but this is all hypothetical at this point, and it’s too early to tell.

In the end I think most of us will be impressed with what’s to come. Sure, it might be hard to call at this point, but the possibilities are out there, and Hollywood riding alongside with game developers does give some idea to what’s around the corner.

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