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Hollywood and Game Developers?

Hollywood and Game Developers?Hollywood Video games, now there’s an oxymoron–or is it? Today’s games are heading for a major change, one that’s beneficial for players. Hollywood is now getting deeply involved with game designers to achieve more realistic games, introducing favorite actors and characters such as James Bond. The added value? Entertainment!

Putting famous actors into games is nothing new, but concern about how the character(s) might be used in the game has arisen, or come into play. Hollywood has become concerned about what may happen to the actor’s character and what type of impression it might leave of the actor, and possible damage to the actor’s career.

That’s understandable in some ways, as the human mind, especially gamers’ minds, will speculate on and experiment with all sorts of things that could be done to a character. I don’t think I need to elaborate much concerning some of the hot females actresses in games; most hackers will introduce new meaning to boob-velocity, if ya know what I mean. One woman that I’m sure many would have fun with (in a game graphic sense), Judi Dench, whose appearance is quite interesting to most men, will be featured in the upcoming game release “James Bond – Everything or Nothing” by Electronic Arts.

Most actors feel all right with the idea of being cast as people of all ages; just ask John Cleese, famous actor from the British comedy show Monty Python and also featured in the “Everything or Nothing” game, who was interviewed by EA Games recently and asked the question: “How do you view the game as a supplement to the Bond film experience and what advantages does a game have over a film?”

Mr. Cleese says: “It seems astounding to me now that the video games are perhaps as important as the movie themselves. And people will spend 2 or 3 years obsessing about the video game in exactly the same way that they’d be obsessing about the movie if they were working on that. And then you take on-board the fact that the video game could take in more money than the movie–the whole thing seems extraordinary. But when you see the sheer quality with what they’re able to do in these video games now, it’s astounding. And I stopped playing video games 15 or 20 years ago and I’m going to back home now with one of these in my hands and go out and buy whatever I have to buy to play it and learn how to play it because it just looks like too much fun to miss. When you get to the age of 64 and you can’t do one or two of the things that Bond does, it will be a nice little fantasy for me. It will do me good.” Source

Hollywood has expressed concern, and so have game designers. Such games as James Bond have shown great sales potential in the past, and let’s face it–the younger generation wants to deck it out with its hero using bleeding edge technology. For those of us a bit older, well, we like all of that–plus the ladies Mr. Bond gets! Hey, hot chicks and cool gadgets, man, what else is there?!

But how will this affect the future of games for those who live and die for their favorites? There is some concern over the whole “Hollywood keeping a close eye on its actors in games” theory, but what about the gamer? Will this affect those who enjoy making mod extensions? Let’s hope not.

Hollywood and Game Developers?I don’t think we need another RIAA, actually the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), beating down the doors of mod designers. It’s going to happen; game modders will fiddle with and create additions to their favorite games. Half-Life, though lacking any famous actors, has become the most modded game today, known as Counter Strike. Battle Field 1942 has also had a nice modification. Again, though, no famous actors are in the game, just heroes who fought for what American people have today, freedom. But this modification, Desert Combat, adds new features like F-15 fighter jets and newer weapons used in the last two wars in Iraq. This brings new realistic play to the gamers’ world, and a chance to feel as if they’ve accomplished something heroic (in a fantasy sense, of course).




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