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Guild Wars 2: Traits and Attributes in detail

Jon Peters over at ArenaNet talks about Guild Wars 2 Traits and Attributes in great detail. GW2 traits and attributes will allow players to head into deep customization for their character investing into points to increase player effectiveness. Below are some examples laid out on their blog:


  • Prowess: Improves the damage multiplier on critical strikes.
  • Malice: Improves the damage done by conditions like burning, poison, confusion, and bleeding.
  • Expertise: Improves the duration of all conditions inflicted by the character.


  • Concentration: Improves the duration of all boons applied by the character.
  • Compassion: Improves all outgoing heals that your character does, including self heals.

Profession-Specific Attributes

Each profession has a specific attribute that does something unique for each profession.

  • Brawn (warrior) — Improves the damage of warrior burst skills.
  • Willpower (guardian) — Decreases the recharge on all virtues.
  • Cunning (thief) — Decreases the recharge of the Steal ability.
  • Empathy (ranger) — Improves pet attributes.
  • Ingenuity (engineer) — Reduces the recharge on all tool-belt skills.
  • Guile (mesmer) — Reduces the recharge on all Shatter skills.
  • Intelligence (elementalist) — Reduces the recharge of the four elemental attunements.
  • Hunger (necromancer) — Increases the size of the necromancer’s life-force pool.

While playing the game, my fellow designers and I came to the conclusion that we wanted players to be able to customize the way their characters deal damage.  Two of our four primary attributes – toughness and power – were serving double duty. Toughness improved heals, while power improved damage done by conditions. This essentially left us with two offensive styles: do more damage, or get more critical hits and react to their effects.

That wasn’t quite good enough. We wanted there to be at least four offensive play styles as well as more diversity of builds overall, so we added several new player attributes to mix things up. These new attributes differ from the four base attributes in that they are only gained by investing points into trait lines and through gear. The four base attributes of power, vitality, precision, and toughness may be increased through traits and gear, but they also automatically increase as you level.

via ArenaNet for full details




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