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Guild Wars 2: Mini-Pets!

With April 10th rapidly approaching for open pre-orders (we here at ipKonfig are placing bets on 4Million pre-orders), we just can’t get enough Guild Wars 2 info! And what more than to share more information with our fellow readers: Mini-Pets!

Yes, Mini-Pets! “Miniatures (or mini-pets) are downsized versions of NPC models which can be summoned to follow a player around. They do not fight or add any combat advantage.” That’s right — pets you don’t have to actually take care of. Pet’s can be obtained several different ways from purchasing, drops and or achievements within the game. (no full details on drops yet)

Below are the Hall of Monument Pets

Pre-order awards, currently only one, are also available with the Miniature Rytlock, which is received from purchasing the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2.

YouTube Preview Image

Also available within the game are the following Mini-Pets:

  • Frost Spider
  • Ice Elemental
  • Dredge Excavator
  • Dredge Strazar
  • Dredge Resonator
  • Svanir Hunter
  • Shaman of Jormag
  • Wolfborn
  • Wolfborn Hunter
  • Bandit Cutpurse
  • Big Nosed Ted
  • Inquest Extinguisher
  • Inquest Technician
  • Storm Imp
  • Swamp Drake
  • Swamp Spider
  • Green Moa
  • Seraph Heavy Guard
  • Modniir Ice Sage
  • River Drake
  • Frost Fang
  • River Drake Broodmother
  • Eelob Poisonfang
  • Skarn Darkhoof
  • Comrade Molechev
  • Yaolt the Fierce
  • High Inquisitor Maut
  • Zojja
  • Logan Thackeray
  • Ragar Shardhammer
  • Peacekeeper Shocktrooper
  • Frost Drake
  • White Moa
  • Dredge Mining Suit
  • PK 632Z
  • Seraph Mage
  • Modniir Berserker
  • Bandit Scout
  • Bandit Saboteur
  • Eir Stegalkin
  • Svanir Icebreaker
  • Svanir Berserker
  • Wolfborn Berserker
  • Wolfborn Shaman
  • Bandit Bruiser
  • Yellow Moa
  • Forest Spider
  • Windrider
  • Tamini Warrior
  • Harathi Sharpshooter
  • Peacekeeper Sharshot
  • Peacekeeper Soldier
  • Inquest Golemcaster
  • Mark I Assault Golem
  • Hylek Amini
  • Hylek Nahualli
  • Hylek Cuicani
  • Hylek Tlamatini
  • Seraph Archer
  • Seraph Recruit




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