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Google to sell Tablets on its own this year?

Google’s smartphone, the Nexus One, didn’t do well on the market, nor has Microsoft’s Windows smartphone — and how many tablets have flooded the market? It begs the question with news of Google’s attempt at releasing its own tablet this year: will it fail? More than likely, but try telling that to the to the corporate “Nooglers”.

Steve Jobs was an innovator, and a darn good one at that. While some may think Jobs creations were not free-thinking ideas (where he got his ideas) or not — he put out amazing products regardless. The iPod changed the music industry, the iPhone changed the smartphone industry and the iPad, well, you know the rest. So the real question popped in as soon as I read about Google’s plans on pushing out its own (co-branded) tablet this year: shouldn’t Google just stick to Coding? After all, they do a great job of it.

Google has yet to show true understanding when it comes to producing fine, golden hardware that amazes the masses. Yes — the Nexus One was a great phone, but it was a day-late and a dollar-short to the market and didn’t really offer anything competitive — as too with Microsoft’s Windows phone. What Google, Amazon, Microsoft and several other corporate companies continue to release are ‘breadcrumb’ products. What John Doe does not buy off the table, breadcrumbs which fall to the floor will be picked up by John Doe later. As time moves on, John Doe won’t be so happy with his breadcrumbs. The aroma will eventually bring him to the table to enjoy a fine feast.

Google, still an outstanding company, should dig deeper  into  developing more innovative tablet apps and operating systems that would place itself into a better market. (What? You can never have too many apps.)

Is it possible for a more innovative tablet? Sure, provided it has real innovative thinkers behind the hardware thinking deep into the future of what a tablet should offer an end-user — but I don’t see any chip implants displaying my tablet’s information through my eye-balls anytime soon. Unless Google has plans to build flexible, semi-see through, fold-up shove in your pocket Tablets – it’ll be another breadcrumb.

Tablets can be useful in many ways from email, surfing the web, editing documents, reading your favorite book or newspaper online or offline, or for the simple pleasures of watching a movie or playing a game. The problem, however, is the innovation seems to have stopped at some point. The all-in-one tablet, for example, that has built in sensors for smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection or even humidity sensors – these would be great for frequent travelers. How about palm-print recognition to log me in — you get the general idea. Instead, companies keep picking up breadcrumbs, adding water and combining a lump of ‘something’ and try selling it to us.

Google’s Nexus One smartphone is seen by many as a failure, though Andy Rubin, Google Android chief, said the company sold more than 100,000 in three months — yet says the company “broke even” on that investment. Mr. Rubin: please compare 100,000 to Apple’s iPhone 3 sales in three months, then give me a call — we’ll talk about your promotion. I love Android, and I love iOS. Both are fantastic operating systems, sadly one can’t keep a standard operating system version and the other only works on one standard type of hardware.

Google: please don’t bring more rubbish ’breadcrumbs’ to my floor. I just vacuumed.

via WSJ




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