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Fixing Blizzard’s Diablo III 60 FPS limitation

Diablo III finally released, yay! Bugs plague the game, boo! Seriously, though, that’s just part of a games’ release and like every game — there are ways of fixing the problems while other problems rely on the developers to get around to fixing them.

Diablo III fans couldn’t be happier with the games’ release hacking and slashing away to get their chance to dominate Diablo . . . who wouldn’t, right? Playing the game with a capped frame rate of 60, on the other hand, isn’t so fun. Digging around a bit it appears the developers have not made adjustments to the games Vsync capabilities yet, and might not for some time until the other more pressing bugs are addressed. Well, there is hope — and those with 120Hz monitors will certainly take pleasure in this tweak.

The fix is quite simple and requires no modification to game files or to the operating systems (imagine that). While most monitors max out at around 60Hz refresh rate, newer monitors can operate at 120Hz with Vsync enabled. Sure, Diablo III really doesn’t need to operate above 30 FPS, some might say, but gamers, true gamers, will argue that until blue in the face (raises hand). So, let’s move on and push Geekitics off to the side.

Vsync (Vertical Synchronization) restricts graphics cards from operating above frame rates higher than the monitor. Most users tend to leave Vsync turned off while others tend to use this feature within games to remove screen tearing (something I personally despise). It is an option that has received countless debates between those who hate the feature, and those who love it. Regardless — on or off within Diablo III: the game continues to operate at 60 FPS. Here’s the simple solution to resolve this until Blizzard has an opportunity to fix the problem (which you can continue to use even after they have resolved the issue).

Setup an Nvidia Diablo III profile

  • Exit out of Diablo III if you have not yet done so
  • Right click on your Desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Within the NVIDIA Control Panel, select “Manage 3D settings” from the left pane
  • Located on the right pane will be two tabs labeled “Global Settings” and “Program Settings“: select “Program Settings” tab
  • Now click on the “Add” button and browse to the installation location of Diablo III and selected the .exe file of the game:
    • i.e. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe
  • Scroll down the list of feature settings until you see the selection for “Vertical sync” and turn this “On
  • Press “Apply” and “OK” and exit NVIDIA Control Panel

Turning off the actual problem itself

  • Launch Diablo III
  • Log into the game as normal
  • After you have logged in, press ESC
  • Click on Options
  • Select Video from the games Options window
  • Uncheck “Vertical Sync” from the games Video option
  • Press Apply and then Accept

If you’re using FRAPS to display your FPS you should immediately notice the frames increase — or use the in-game command CTRL+R to display FPS (upper left-hand corner). Also check out our other article on turning off the Windows 7 CPU Parking feature to help reduce in-game stutters (if you experience any) over here.

Now the only thing left to do is destroy Diablo and get to Hell Mode within the game! Enjoy, and happy hunting!




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