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Dtek TC-4 2 Poly Topped Block

So here we are again, with another uniquely designed water block. It sports a poly top, copper base, and half-inch fittings. But the real shocker lies within, using spiral springs to stir the water around for better turbulence and performance.

The Dtek TC-4 Rev. 2 is a very impressive-looking piece of engineering. It is very easy to install, after removal of the motherboard, and sports ribs on the channel walls as better copper turbulators and for increased water-to-copper contact area.

Mfr. Specs

  • Poly Topped (3.8” thick)
  • Rubber O-Ring for Leak Prevention
  • Channel Ribs for Better Water to Copper Surface Area
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • 2.5x3x.85” Dimensions
  • Supports AMD Duron, Thunderbird, and XP Processors

As mentioned, the Dtek TC-4 water block sports a new turbulence feature becoming quite popular but mostly seen within the hosing of water kits to prevent kinking and improve flow performance.

The TC-4 uses three spring-like wires within each block channel. This, in theory, gives the water flow higher turbulence flow leaving the pump and in overall water flow throughout the entire kit. One must also note that such a design should help reduce air pockets within the block, but we’re only theorizing about that.

We’re also starting to see more blocks being manufactured with O-Rings to prevent leakage, and this also makes the block easier to take apart for cleaning. Both the inlet and use O-Rings for leak prevention. There is one drawback to using O-Rings on fittings; it means they need to be checked to insure a tight fit before using the blocks.

Water block manufacturers, such as Dtek and DangerDen, are building them for appeal to modders. But while you can see through the top, this doesn’t increase risk from using liquid cooling in your computer case.

There’s no doubt that poly topped water blocks are made for eye appeal, and there’s no doubt they are very nice looking. The Dtek TC-4 is clearly one such block; with its sculpted interior, I couldn’t help but stare at it for a while.

Dtek has also added a bonus turbulence feature. All channel walls are ribbed to induce water flow to release as much as possible of the processor’s heat output. We haven’t seen anything quite like this before, and we’re quite anxious to see in testing whether it helps.




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