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Corsair | TwinX4000 1GB Modules

Power is great, stability is great. Place those two together and you get memory modules from Corsair Memory, and they’re what we’re looking at this time. But rather than just being memory that does the job, these go much further. Corsair’s latest memory modules plunge in at 500MHz of DDR speed, with decent latency timings as well. As we’ve seen with Corsair’s TwinX, which are rigorously tested for Dual Channel DDR motherboards, lower latency is a key factor for a more stable Dual Channel DDR memory module–that is for right now, at least.

Original Post Date: July 2003

It’s a company that’s well known mostly because of speed, and workmanship. Most all gamers find them to be some of the best performance memory of choice.

I personally have been a huge fan of Corsair memory for quite some time. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of the individuals that work at Corsair Memory as well. It’s a great company that cares about its customers, and those like myself who test their products. So without further ad, here’s the worlds fastest memory: XMS4000!

The first release of TwinX memory modules, and other Dual Channel memory modules, wasn’t quite ready for the market. At the time, few motherboards offered Dual DDR technology, but that has rapidly changed in the last few months. As history has shown us, speeds go up and supporting technology slowly drags behind. That, too, has changed with Intel’s Canterwood chipset offering DDR400 performance. Well, that’s all dandy, and what have you, but dang it–we want more! Right?!

That’s where Corsair has stayed on top of the market quite well over the years with its latest memory modules are the following:

  • CMX512-4000
  • TwinX1024-4000

The TwinX1024-4000 modules come in two 512MB matched pairs. What this means is that Corsair takes a tech-hammer and beats them to a bloody pulp. Actually, the technical terms are more on the lines of ‘massive testing’ strategies. Two pairs are pushed through the many tests to ensure stability and performance of each pair on a canterwood, springdale and a nForce2 Dual Channel capable motherboard. Yes, this does sound quite odd; the fact is–it’s real world testing. Once the Quality Check is done, the two modules are immediately physically packaged together with a guarantee that they will work properly for the customer when he/she purchases and installs them. And just to confirm it, they are not called TwinX until they’ve passed their tests and graduated from Memory School.

Corsair Memory:

Moreover, the company developed a stringent battery of tests which every XMS module built must pass at its rated speed before being shipped. XMS4000 modules are tested at 500MHz with 3-4-4-8 latency settings at 2.75V. All XMS4000 modules are tested on a canterwood, springdale and a nForce2 Dual Channel capable motherboard. TwinX kits are tested as a matched pair and physically packaged together immediately after passing test, guaranteeing that the customer receives a product that has been verified in the dual channel environment.

When memory modules work as a pair in a Dual Channel environment, stability becomes a greater concern. These twins are identical in every way, shape, and form, but there’s still something that separates them.




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