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Corsair | CMX512-3500C2

It’s a company name that we’re all very familiar with, with performance that stands out from its competitors. We’re talking about Corsair Memory: the world’s top performing memory for today’s computer gamers. Corsair Micro is a company that produces the most reliable high performance memory on the market.

Original Post Date: March 2003

Corsair Micro has provided us with two CMX512-3500C2 modules, matched for optimal usage when combined in a system; 1024 MB (1 GB) of memory, total.

DDR (Double Data Rate) memory has become a dominant product in today’s market, offering the consumer more than just another stick of memory. DDR can be used on both Intel and AMD based systems. Flexibility and performance has made it the number one choice of memory for today’s demanding computers.


  • 512MB PC3500 (433 MHz)
  • 32Mx8 DDR SDRAMs
  • 5.0 nanosecond access
  • Latency: 2-3-3-6-T1
  • Pre-installed Aluminum heat spreaders
  • Factory benchmarked on multiple chipsets
  • Legendary Corsair reliability, service, and lifetime warranty

Memory is key for computer efficiency. It relieves stress and provides performance, given the system and memory are set up properly with CPU and motherboard type. Memory is something that should never be overlooked. Years ago, computer games required hardly any memory and didn’t particularly care about what type was being used, but that has now changed significantly.

Long ago, 8 MB of memory was quite sufficient, but today’s minimum requirements start around 256 MB. Back in the day, memory was easy to choose, too. You’d simply walk up to the counter of your local computer store and basically request the amount of DRAM you wanted, and then run home and install it. But it ain’t like that no more, nohow.

All aspects of computer technology are generally changing for the better. New processors drive motherboard and computer accessory changes–not to mention everything else that changes around the processor market as well. That alone is a book in itself.

What is XMS?

XMS stands for eXtreme Memory Speed, and that’s the crux of the matter. XMS memory is very high performance memory that leaves room for overclocking, and takes on those high-end games that we’re all so familiar with. So, how is this accomplished?

XMS, or eXtreme Memory Speed, is the process that Corsair uses to take ICs rated at one speed and verify/guarantee their operation at another speed. Since specifications have not been generated to accurately specify operating parameters, Corsair gives these parts an XMS rating. For example, since PC2400 does not exist according to any valid standards institution, Corsair parts are called XMS2400.

Corsair doesn’t just ‘make’ memory and send it to consumers like most memory companies do. XMS memory modules are tested to perform at the speeds specified by the manufacturer. An example is PC3500 Corsair modules, like the two we are testing here. Motherboards don’t actually support DDR 433 MHz (PC3500) just yet, it’s around the corner, yes, but it’s an extra gain for when those boards do come out. Then again, if you’re running an AMD Barton system, you won’t actually get 433 MHz FSB speed, either—that’s another topic for a rainy day.




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