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Bring “2x Sparse Grid Supersampling” Anti-Aliasing to SWTOR

Bring ‘2x Sparse Grid Supersampling’ Anti-Aliasing to SWTORWith huge success and millions of subscribers signing up for BioWare’s latest game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, fans can’t wait to sink their Light-sabers into the games’ lore. There is just one problem: the game options currently do not support any Anti-Aliasing settings. (yet)

Currently AMD (ATI) graphics cards can “force” the Anti-Aliasing settings through the cards drivers without problem. Nvidia fans are not so fortunate and currently left in a dark by its driver developer’s hands as the company continues to update drivers for Skyrim–with no word as to when they can expect some love for SWTOR. (yes, that was a hint of anger)

That said; there is hope for those looking to bring out even more enhancements to the hot new game, and one that doesn’t come at a huge performance cost if your system is top-notch. In our last article we showed a simple, low performance cost method to enabling Anti-Aliasing, along with Anisotropy. In this article we’re going to show you how to gain even more Anti-Aliasing using the Transparency setting: Sparse Grid Supersampling!

Sparse Grid Supersampling, to keep things simple, enhances blades of grass, chain linked fencing and further distant objects than standard Anti-Aliasing settings. But, as said, it comes at a performance cost as more processing power is required on the GPU end. For the sake of performance and gaining a little more clarity quality to the game, we’re going to be using “2x Sparse Grid Supersampling”. (those running  x3- SLI, or x4-SLI can push this to 4x without much effort – though 2x SGSS adds plenty of enhancement)

As hinted, this tweak is not meant for those with low-end system and is aimed at those running SLI systems accompanied by CPU powerhouse systems.

(be sure to add SWTOR to your Nvidia Control panel Profile before doing the following, and leave all settings through the Control panel set to defaults)

SWTOR Anti-Aliasing 4x w/ 2x SGSSThe first step is to download “Nvidia Inspector” here (our download is the latest version: Nvidia Inspector allows users to heavily tweak the video cards driver profiles giving full control to behind the scene settings. It is very powerful, and we understand not everyone will understand the gist of the software—so we’re going to keep this short and simple, and to the point. It is also worthy to note the importance of updating your Nvidia drivers to the latest qualified drivers, or if you’re a Beta-lover the latest Beta drivers, as Nvidia Inspector reads the Driver Profiles incorporated within the drivers.

Once Nvidia Inspector is download, extract the contents into a preferred location to run the file (there is no installation required for using the software, simply run the .exe itself). In our case we have a folder located on another hard drive, and simply created a shortcut on our desktop to the file location.




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