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ArenaNet announces last class for Guild Wars 2: The Mesmer

ArenaNet has finally announced their last class, the light armor wearing Mesmer. In Guild Wars 1 the Mesmer excelled at manipulating their adversary. They turned an opponent’s power against themselves with hexes and conditions, they could create illusions to hinder, confuse and drain their foes resources, and with their fast casting ensured they could cast faster and more often than other casters.

Mesmers are back in Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet has kept them for the job that they do best–taking advantage of their opponent’s minds, and creating illusions on the  battlefield. To aid the Mesmer in battle they will have many weapons at their disposal; aside from the standard caster weapons of the scepters, staffs and focus’ they can carry a torch or pistol in their off-hand or be able to melee with a one handed or two handed great swords, and when fighting underwater a spear and trident will be available to them.

Guild Wars 2 MesmerThe Mesmer doesn’t rely on strength to overpower their adversaries, instead they depend on subtly and finesse. In Guild Wars 2 they have been given many new abilities. Mantras are a category of skill that has two phases. The Mesmer first activates the mantra, it has a really long cast time and replaces a skill slot with an instant-casting skill that the mesmer can then use. Mantras can be charged up before a fight and then used in the middle of another skill being cast without interrupting that skill.

The Mesmer also introduces confusion, a new condition added to an already long list of conditions. An enemy with confusion cast on them takes damage each time they activate a skill. Confusion is a stackable condition, the more confusion on an enemy, the greater the damage.

Since Mesmers don’t have the toughness of other classes they rely on deception through illusions to keep their opponents in check. Illusions are mind tricks that manifest themselves physically. They are usually directed at specific targets and are only dispelled by attacking the illusion itself. Three illusions can be maintained at once, the oldest being replaced by a newly created one.

There are two types of illusions: clones and phantasms. Clones are copies of the mesmer that have the look, name and basic behaviors of the caster. They don’t have much health or do much damage but instead act more as distractions or depending on what type of weapon a player has equipped, a different set of clone abilities will be available.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer ClassThe second type of illusion are phantasms. They look like the caster but have their own names and carry special illusionary weapons. They are more powerful then clones and have more health and deal more damage. When a Mesmer is done manipulating their opponents mind they can shatter their illusions. Shatter illusion skills are divided into four different types: mind wrack, cry of frustration, diversion and reflection. Mind wrack destroys the Mesmer’s illusions and does damage to opponents near them.

Cry of frustration destroys illusions and gives the confused condition to nearby foes. Diversion destroys illusions and stuns nearby foes. And reflection destroys illusions and places a barrier around the Mesmer, reflecting enemy projectiles.

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The Mesmer shows itself to be an interesting and unique class with many formidable abilities that will bring another interesting element to the battlefield and overall to the world of Guild Wars 2.




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